Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Importance of Cooking Tofu Recipes for Vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian or are considering becoming one or you love or know somebody who is already one you will already know that tofu will be a regular part of the diet. Tofu is quite simple to cook and you can easily find Tofu Recipes for Vegetarians. And don’t worry if you are new to this, tofu doesn’t taste as bad as you may think!

Tofu is very commonplace, even more so than you think. As a matter of fact you will find that many of the non meat protein alternatives have some amount of tofu in them. And from a nutrition stand point it has all the vitamins and minerals you would find in regular meat.

When you consume tofu as a regular part of your vegetarian diet you won’t have to worry about protein deficiency as you would if you ate only legumes, beans and vegetables. When you eat tofu you will see that it doesn’t have a very distinct taste of its own but more often tastes like whatever seasonings and sauces you cook it in. this is one of the great attributes of tofu and the primary reason you don’t have to worry about it tasting bad.

There are a number of different tofu recipes for vegetarians that you can try.
  • Burger Recipes
  • Stir Fry Recipes
  • Spaghetti Recipes
  • Hot Dog Recipes
  • Stew Recipes
  • Recipes for Baking
  • Sautéing Recipes
  • Cheesecake recipes (yes with tofu)
  • Casserole Recipes and so much more
Being a vegetarian isn’t as hard as you may think it is. It is quite easy and the meals are mostly simple to prepare and can be done by anybody at any skill level in the kitchen. Here you can find a number of tasty and delicious tofu recipes for vegetarians in one spot.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Easy Vegetarian Children Recipes

vegetarian children recipes
Getting your kids to follow a vegetarian diet isn’t as hard as some people think it is. In fact there are many easy vegetarian children recipes out there that just require the use of the microwave. With the increase in vegetarian convenience foods your kids can eat vegetarian getting all the nutrition they require while not feeling like they are missing out on what their friends are eating. No longer are vegetarian foods limited to bean stews, now there are a wide variety of vegetarian foods that are easy to prepare and taste great too.

So how do you go about making these recipes? It is simple; there are many things that you can do that your children will just love.
  1. For breakfast – your child can have some scrambled egg substitute with some linkets or veggie bacon on the side along with their favorite starch whether bread or bagel and a tall glass of soy milk; regular or flavored. Don’t forget the fruit!
  2. For lunch – You can make vegetarian hot dogs with linkets and you can make vegetarian burgers. You can purchase these at your regular supermarket and all they need is a pop into the microwave or toaster oven and they are ready. You add the protein to the desired bread and they can add their desired condiments and they you have a easy, delicious and nutritious lunch.
  3. For dinner - you can create a vegetarian sloppy Joe. You can eat this the traditional way between two buns or you can top spaghetti or their favorite pasta with it.
These are just some examples of vegetarian children recipes that can be easy, and fun to prepare for both you and your child. You can also be confident knowing that your child is eating healthy and getting all the nutrients they need without all the bad stuff like cholesterol fats that they would get from eating fast foods.

Browse around to find other kid friendly recipes that are easy to make and easy to transport. This way you know your child will be eating the best while they are not at home. You will find vegetarian recipes that are appealing so your kid won’t be mocked at school when it comes to lunch time.